CD-RW quality discs?

I’m looking to buy some blank cd-rw media.What do you suggest?I’ve bought some primedisc on the past and they weren’t all that good.

Verbatim. Depending on your burner there are 3 (?) different ones available. Hi-Speed (8-12x), Ultra Speed (16-24x) & 24-32x (don’t know what they’re called).

Yes, Verbatim CD-RW is the safe way to go. :iagree:

32x CD-RW media is known as Ultra Speed+

BTW there’s also 2-4x rated Verbatim CD-RW media if you have an ancient drive that cannot burn Hi-Speed CD-RW.

I use 100’s of the Hi-Speed (8-12x) verbatim CD-RW’s and some have been burnt and re-burnt a lot (3x3 backup for months at a time) of times and they all still work fine.

Hi-Speed are mostly still made in Singapore.

The UltraSpeed ones work great for me.

Made in Taiwan, BTW…so it’s anyone’s guess who made them. :slight_smile:

Daxon 24x are also most excellent, but i’m not sure how easy they are to buy here in Europe.

The safe way to go are the Ultra Speed ones (24X). Only few drives can burn the Ultra Speed+ (32X) well.
BTW the only 32X CD-RW media I know is Verbatim.

The boxes say Taiwan.
They are the ones with the SERL disk surface.

I’ve noticed the following with Verbatim CD-RW:
2x-4x CD-RW: 2004, Made in Taiwan
12x CD-RW: 2004, Made in Singapore
24x CD-RW: 2002, Made in Taiwan
32x CD-RW: 2002, Made in Taiwan
Odd, eh?

Let me say that i have a Sony CD-RW CRX230ED.Sorry that i forgot to mention it.

So what kind of speeds am i aiming for?IT’s on an old p3 pc here on the office and i need to transfer tha data i download off the internet to my home PC,and writing them to a CD-RW it’s the best way i’ve yet considered.

Your Sony will write CD-RW at a max of 24x so the Ultra Speeds (16-24x) would be the best option , followed by the Hi-Speed (8-12x).

I have checked thru all of the 7~8 boxes of Hi-Speed (8-12x) CD-RW’s I have around and all of them are Taiwan made, I dont know if its a UK/English thing or what ? 'spose it must be.

Mine are:
2-4x CD-RW: 2000, Made in Ireland (bought in Denmark a long time ago)
16-24x CD-RW: 2002, Made in Taiwan (bought in Germany)


CMC magnetics :bigsmile:


Yes also stock is labelled as made in E.U.
This manufacturing site was in the begining owned by Mitsubishi however they sold it to CMC when the profit margins got screwed.