CD-RW problems with DVR-111

I’ve just noticed my 1 month old DVR-111 (Firmware 1.29) seems to have problems writing to 4x CDR-RW’s - the burn process all appears to go though correctly but at the verify stage Nero will either stop with “to many errors” right at the start of the verify process, or it get up to 99% verified then brings up read sector errors at the very end of the disc.

Now, I’m not too fussed to be honest - it seems fine on faster CD-RW’s and I’ve still got a CD writer that works on with these slower Rw’s… but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this problem with these drives - or if its a sign of impending doom :confused:

Maybe you can provide more info about your 4X CD-RW? Nero CDSPEED is a tool that you need it.
I have a few cheap 4X discs for casual use, only temporary files swap.

Could be “dying” media or not-that-good media.

Please give more info, maybe ATIP by using dvd.identifier or Nero cd dvd speed.