CD-RW Problem (Impossible to Write)

Hi, I have burned something like 15 cds with my ASUS CRW-5232AX at 52x on 52x Datawrite (Ridisk ID: Ritek) Disc, and in most of them this things happen: (end of post)

And the disc is unreadable!

What should I do?

Try setting the burning speed lower - failing in the last stage is a pretty strong sign that the writer/media combination is just not good enough at the maximum speed.

The quality of the burn normally increases significantly as you go down to 40x - I’d never bank on 52x from an untried media and drive combination - so if you have a stock of this media, try lower speeds (I’d skip 48x and drop it 40x as a first step), or if you want 52x, try some different media.

I’ll try burning this ones at 40x and burning new ones (Memorex) at 52x, I’ll let you know…

Well done the burning with same discs and 40x…

But the Memorex one give me error too…

But why I get disc wrote succesfully and then it isn’t working?

Why it says that it’s well done?

And why my 52x cd-writer can’t write at 52x?

You need to try out some better media (Memorex aren’t brilliant either). Do a forum search for Taiyo Yuden and have a browse in the media test forums.

Thx a Lot!

So, you exclude a problem of the cd-writer?

I can’t see any reason for the CD-Writer suddenly making big errors like that, but you can never completely rule it out. Try the media I suggested first (or if you can’t find them then try some Ritek).

The Datawrite discs (the ones in the image) have ID: Ritek :frowning:

When a burning program says “burn successful”, all it means is that nothing caused it not to complete. A “successful” burn can still be totally unreadable!

Hmm, tricky one. I’ve had good experience with Ritek, but I can’t say that all others have. I recommend trying the Taiyo Yuden as suggested and if they don’t work then media gets almost ruled out as the problem.