CD-RW playability hell!

Hi everyone,
thanks for your time.
I have just put some holiday photo’s onto a CD-RW but can’t view them on my Toshiba HD 220-EB DVD player (multi-regional ). I also have some photo’s on a CD-R which I can’t view! I just recorded some music onto a new CD-RW which also won’t play on my Toshiba!! I just get the message ‘Disc Error’.
I CAN play other CD-R’s that have music on, that someone else recorded for me a while back.
The photo’s can, however, be viewed on my son’s £20 Sainsbury’s special, a LODOS.

What’s going on? Why is nothing straight forward?
If anyone can help I would be very grateful,

P.S. I hope this is the right forum for this thread.

Welcome to CDF,
We will need a little more info to help you with your problem like:
What DVD burner you are using.
What program do you use to burn your CD’s.
What brand of CD’s are you using and at what speed did you burn them.
Will they play on your computer.
Does your Toshiba manual state that it is CD-RW compatable.

Thanks wobble,
I’ll answer these in the order you asked,
LG GSA-H55N (20x).
WMP 11.
PHILIPS CD-RW 700MB 4-12x & I don’t know the speed I burned them at.

Thanks for your time, I appreciate it,

Try changing brand of media. Also CD-RW are harder for stand alone players than CDR’s. Some stand alone players are worse than others.
[B]Make sure that disc is finalized (or closed).[/B] Not too familiar with burning with WMP 11. There should be a a setting in the burn options to allow you to set the burn speed. Most people burn CD’s 16X or 24X.
For your music CD’s try [B]BAO[/B] or [B]CDEX[/B] (I like BAO). Both programs are free and fairly easy to learn how to use. Just “Google” them to find where to download them. You can probably find links to them in the General Software forum here under the “Free Software” thread.

Not all DVD players will play Photo CDs. I know some of the Sonys won’t. Best check your manual.

Hi mate,
tried some CD-R discs, no good, bugger.
Two things though,

  1. Have decided my Toshiba can’t read .jpeg files, beaten on that one then.
    2.All playable music files are .cda files. I’ve been recording .wma files.
    Please can you tell me how to convert .wma to .cda & what utility I may have to use.
    Again, many thanks,

You might look at dbPower Amp and it’s free

Hi guys,
is there a way of configuring WMP 11 to burn in .cda format?
Thanks again,

Hi all.
Problem solved.
I finally realised that I must have had a faulty download of WMP 11 because I had no options under the Burn tab which meant I could not choose between Audio CD or Data CD.
I re-installed WMP and Bingo!! I had a choice & can now burn CD’s without any problems.
Happy boy!!!
Before I go I just want to thank everybody who has tried to help me.
It’s refreshing to know that some people out there actually DO care.
Thank you,