Cd-rw packet writing

I have good luck running Nero on XP. The only problem is that I like to drag and drop associated with packet writing. To the best of my knowledge Nero INCD in not available with xp. Can anyon recommend a packet writing software that supports xp other than directcd from roxio.

InCD is available for Windows XP… Version 2.26 works under XP but the latest version 2.32 doesn’t. You can still download 2.26 from

Thanks gamefreak. I’ll give it a try.

VOB InstantWrite works well under XP. I found all versions of InCD to be flakey with XP.

Did you try 3.14 too?

No. It isn’t an official release. I have enough problems with official releases of software. Downloading unofficial versions from unknown sites is just asking for trouble.

Why is 3.14 unoffical? I’ve had it since 5551. These posts freaked me out a bit because, as you say, the version at is 2.xx. Hmmm, I 've got a screen shot but my ftp’s out.

I didn’t d/l it from anywhere except Nero from the ahead site. I put the Ricoh in another machine & the bundled version I had had to be upgraded to full version - bingo - I got the 3.14 version.

It’s unofficial because it’s not on Ahead’s site. You need to download it from a third party source. It may have been modified to work with a specific manufacturer’s drive or it may be something else entirely. I prefer to wait until it appears on the Nero upgrade page. At least you have someone to sqawk to if it’s problematic.

Yes you have a point here. I installed this 3.14 version today and it seems to work fine. I wonder why Ahead hasn’t released it yet officially. Maybe NeRoTeCh can shed some light on this? I think it’s about time Ahead released a new official InCD version supporting Windows XP…

Well, I’m paying for the latest version; you don’t have to pay for the website version. Looks like someone’s worked out a way of extracting the 3.14 version from the registered version

I can understand somone ripping off Microsoft and their ilk: understand, but not condone. But ripping off Ahead and other small companies? I just find that loathsome.

Thanks for the good news about the upcoming (for some) version of InCD.

Isn’t it possible that these are internal,leaked builds?
Actually beta’s?

Yes, absolutely which is why I don’t use them. Knowing you are willingly beta testing is one thing. Downloading and applying an “upgrade” that is really a beta is another altogether. PCs and Windows are fragile enough.

I found release 3.20 today on a website (which I shall not mention here due to its questionable contents ;))… Like I said, I hope NeRoTeCh can shed some light on this.

I couldn’t install the version of InCD bundled with my LTR 32123S. It came with Nero and InCD 3.12 (which I didn’t know until now). The InCD installer said it is not for XP.

One of the work-arounds I saw on the web is installing InCD in W2K compatibility mode. Someone recommended XP users run InCD v2.32 install in W2K compatibiliity mode. I tried this, but it wouldn’t recognize my drive.

On a whim, I decided to copy the InCD folder from my bundled CD to my hard drive and install it in W2K compatibility mode. Bingo. It works great.

I’m using 3.20 with no problems. WinXP Pro, Philips 8X CDRW.

I spoke too soon about InCD 3.12 working for me. I was really happy when I finally got it to work. Unfortunately, it started with something. I had to remove it, and I’m done playing with InCD.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, since I couldn’t get Nero and InCD to work, I found and purchased something else. The bottom line for me is VOB’s InstantCD 6 offers more and works better:

  • It was compatible with XP and my LTR 32123S from the start.
  • It writes in RAW.
  • Makes SD2 backups (according to VOB)
  • It formats CDRs and CDRWs for UDF (unlike InCD, CDRW only)
  • Writes DVD-RAM (If I ever buy a DVD writer)

A lot of people swear by Nero and InCD, thats fine. Maybe I’ll mess with it again someday (I do own a bundled copy) once they fully support XP and my LiteOn. As of now they don’t.

If you go to the ahead site, they now have version 3.21 of InCD which will install onto registered copies of Nero 4 or 5. It’s also now XP compatible.

That’s great news that InCD is now available for XP. Now they need to update their compatible player list, it’s way behind. thanks for the info on the new version though.

Anybody having anything to report about InCD v3.21 and XP?