Cd-rw not reading my burnt copy of a game

i just got done setting up this new computer and pretty satified of it, until now. I wanted to install this game of mine that was burnt from my close friend. When i pop the cd in the cd-rw the cd wouldn’t load its autoplay. Or sometimes the cd will just keep reading it and reading it and not loading the autoplay. i try and get on My Computers and right click on the d: drive but then it ends up locking my computer and makes me bring up the task manager. and also it seems like that my taskbar is gone and my desktop is gone also except for the taskbar. It totally locks up my computer.

I’ve tried this game and installed it in my other networked computers and the cd is fine. Its just getting my Cd-rw drive to run it in this computer.


Windows XP Professional (build 2600)
1.25 gigahertz AMD Athlon XP
LITE-ON LTR-12101B [CD-ROM drive]
ECS K7S5A [motherboard]

Thanks alot for whoever helps me! :slight_smile:

Try another CD or the ORIGINAL CD. Could be a bad disc.

Also, some CD readers are better than others.