Cd-rw not being detected

i just got a Pacific Digital 24x10x40 internal cd-rw and my programs just dont seem to be able to catch it even my computer says it is just a cd-rom my computer is a celeron 400 and im running WIN98se . my burning programs are
Nero and music match juke box 6.1 and i did put in the disc it came with for drivers it said no information on your device

CD Burners dont use drivers like video and sound cards.

if u put a CD (not blank) in the drive, can you read the CD ?
if yes…can you copy the data from the CD to your hard drive ?

yes i can it will read any cd and i can pull files off any cd in it it seems like just my programs don`t catch it .i had another cd -rewriter in my computer but removed to put in my other computer and it worked fine i thought this one would be a better one as it has buffer under run tech.

perhapse you can download the newest versions of nero and musicmatch, and see of they work?
I think your burner is just to new for your software (that’s why those companies bring out all those upgrades: mainly to support new burners and sometimes to fix a bug)

Yeah, get the latest Nero version.

Also Musicmatch 6.1 is pretty old. Catch the latest 7.1.

It even supports my Litey - 48x.

thanks ,sounds good to me will upgrade and let you know how it works . appreciate the efforts

up dates to programs worked perfectly thanks ,dont know why i didnt think of it duh!! again for the help many thanks