Cd-rw nomenclature

i am wondering what we are going to call 32 rewritabe media.

for cd-rw 1x-4x: cd-rw
for cd-rw 4x-10x: hs cd-rw
for cd-rw 12x-24x us cd-rw

what will it be for 32x?

I am right on naming those, i was just trying to do it off the top off my head.

Me thinks that 32x will be ultra high speed

This is getting confusing.

And on a side note, I used to see psts all the time about securom, securom new, new securom new, new new securom new. I am glad to see that we’re calling it securom 4 now.

>32x CD-RW media will be WS media, Wicked Speed :slight_smile:

or maybe LS = light speed

nononono, it’ll be DWRNTKOS?
Do We Really Need This Kind Of Speeds? :slight_smile:

We’ve yet to see whether 24x even works. I’m wondering if the delay in getting the 24x media out may be due to the fact that they can’t get it to work? Even more unreliable than SS? (snail speed) Anyway, I was under the impression that the 32xRW would be done on the 24x media.
Very soon, I here there is a new media that you will just lay on top of your tower for a few seconds and the data will be transferred. :eek:

32 CD-RW is still Ultraspeed

but in the first post, was i right about the names for each category of cd-rw?