Cd-rw ms 8348 drive does not read drive bysy

i have got a cd-rw drive ms8348 48x16x48 nown as dragon writer when i put a cdr or cdrw disk in drive lite is green for a secound then terns red and stays red it will also not read reaglar cd-rom disks i did the bios upgrade and it shows up in my bios it also shows up in windows in my computer if i have a disk in the drive of any kind it shows please insert disk far as i know everthing is wright i took my computer to a good shop they cheded out everything and said all was fine but all was not fine or drive would read we tried a new drive it did not work either this drive worked fine in my other computer that i sold here is some specks / 633 hrtz celoron proser 128 megs ram itis a gateway conputer s/n 0021113537/mfd 11/07/00 if enyone has an ideal to fix this drive email me at everyone welcome to email me will read all thanks Harold :confused: