CD-RW Lens Cleaning without open the CDRW case

How can i do this ?? i know my cdwriter lens not working well… how can i clean it without voiding the warranty??

you can use any of the cleaning discs that are sold for CD-ROM drives, most of them have a brush of some sort on them.

but the cleaner disc looked a bit harmful… the brush may scathes the lens(my friend said)… Any other ways??

If used as directed, the brush will do no harm, you’re only going to use it once, right? You could also use compressed air.

compressed air… emm… i think it may help… juz open the cd tray and shoot inside right??

juz open the cd tray and shoot inside right??

Yup, the laser is in the bottom of the case.

Thanks rdgrimes~~!!! hahaha and luckly i got a machine that working with compress air so i can pull out the paip and give my cd writer a shoot~~!!!

you should use a can that is intended for 'puters, most compressors ad oil to the air. Oil = bad.

oh no… maybe my comprossor added oil to air…!! Donno why still can’t work after cleaning… maybe my drive was dying … It can load/read any disk but most the time the blank CDR get 0MB in cdr burning software so i can’t burn any disc bcoz i get capicity not enought message… When i use it as cd reader it can read most fine cds but at 16x max speed (my drive max speed is 32x)…

Try some different CDR media.

Maybe you sould have tried a usual vaccum cleaner?:bigsmile: