Cd-rw just wont work anymore

hi guys i have a sattelite A2o laptop that has a SD-R2412 toshiba dvd rom
im not at all computer savy but can usually find my way around if its in plain english, recently i have been having trouble burning anything onto Cdrws to play back on either the laptop or my stanton cd decks
and when it does work its sounds like a really crackly lp that jumps about a bit
burning cd-r is fine and comes up a treat but i really need to be able to use rw’s as well , so before i fork out 200+ Australian dollars to get it looked at
could anyone help me out ??

ps i am using xp home and i have tried using nero , drag and drop
music editing master and cool edit pro and come up with the same issue

thanks for all your help :bigsmile:

Try different CDRW media … burning at a lower speed … increasing your burning buffer … ensure that UDMA is enabled for the drive, and also ensure that it creates an image (aka buffers to HD) first.

Also CDRW media deteriorate, so if it’s an older CDRW disc, it won’t perform as cleanly as a new CDRW disc will.

But please explain what the burner is, where it is located, and what media you are using … the nero infotool will tell use everything we need to know.

I’ve had the issue with various CDRW as well, brand new. Rewritable media is just not good for storing uncorrected data :wink:

Please save the Nero->infotool log (minus your registered user info & serial number) and post in “[ Code ]” & “[ /code ]” tags here.