CD-RW issues



My CD-RW drive is not reading any CD? :confused:


Does your computer see your CD-rw Drive in device manager? Also does your CD-rw drive light up when you put the cd in or does it just close the tray with no further activity?


Yes it shows a drive in device manager and it the drive lights up for a few seconds after putting in a disc but then does nothing.


What kind of system do you have with what OS?
Have you added any programs/updates/upgrades just before this happened? What program are you trying to read the CD with?


I will tell you as much as I know… which is little!
HP Pavilion Windows XP under the device manager it shows

Several problems: this is my older computer and CD hasn’t worked for a
long while. I don’t remember exactly or don’t know when the CD reader stopped working because we did not use it often. Did not add anything big to this computer such as programs or other hardware. (if that makes any sense)
I know just a little to get me into trouble with these things!


Can you try booting from your XP disc? You may have to change the boot sequence in your PC’s BIOS so the LG (CD-RW) is first.


Do you mean rebooting with the HP Recovery Disc --What is the XP disc?


Sure, if your recovery disc allows you to boot from it :iagree:


ok I am in the setup screen —what do I change to make it use the disc???:confused:


Find something that says “Boot sequence” or similar.

Don’t change anything else but that (the boot drive order) when you find it.


Under Boot Device priority it shows
First Boot Device [Floppy]
Second Boot Device [Hard Disk]
Third Boot Device [CDROM]
Fourth Boot Device [LAN]

Sooooooo make Third one first???


Yup. then save and exit.

After our little test, you can go back in and put it back the way it was :wink:

Edit: you don’t need to recover anything from the disc or go through a setup routine, this is just to see if your drive can boot from the disc. :wink:


OK - that changed nothing- :sad:


It didn’t boot from the disc?




Unfortunately I would have to say, then, that it looks like a hardware problem with the drive, and to replace it.


Ok - Thanks for you time and patience… Appreciate it!


No worries :slight_smile:


Yep I think you’re right, Arachne…

@mkemray: Just one little thing before you trash the drive… when trying to boot from the CD, be sure to look out for a screen message that says something like “Press any key to boot from CD”. Some systems like an acknowledgement, for some reason.

If nothing appears, then the drive is probably dead, as Arachne says.