Cd-rw help needed

hey guys im a newbie so i hope i can get some help. i want to copy a mpeg movie file from my computer to a blank cd-rw but the file is around 770mb and the only blank cd-rw’s they sell in the stores are 700mb so what can i do?

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If you buy a 90 min CD, you can do an overburning, but there is the risk that the most external part of the disc will be unreadable or that will degrade faster than the remaining of the disc.

The best solutions are basically two:

  1. to split the file into two chunks and burn each on a separate CD
  2. to buy a DVD burner and burn the file on a DVD (with other stuff, obviously, because you can put more than 4 GB on a DVD :wink: )

There is also another thing that you can do: to edit the mpeg file removing some scenes from the file. But I don’t know if this is an acceptable option.

thx for the reply. ok, so how do those things? if i wanted to split it what would i do? also how do u edit the mpeg?

To do an overburn you need first of all a 90 min disc. You can find it in stores; these are not difficult to find. What burning software do you have?

To edit the mpeg file you need a software like TMPGEnc Plus, but this is not free :frowning:

A free alternative can be virtualdubMod.

Virtualdubmod can be also used to split the file into two segments

also if i do decide to buy a dvd burner what kind of blank media should i get? i see things like dvd-r, dvd+r, dvd-rw, dvd+rw, etc. it just confuses me. which one do i get?

Any media is good because nowdays burners can write correctly all these discs.

I only suggest you to not use rewritable media (+ or - RW) because these discs are not much reliable in the long term; these should be used only for temporary tests, not to store data for long time.

The only important thing is to buy quality media, both plus or minus is not important.

The best are Taiyo yuden and verbatim (except for verbatim “pearl white” series)

thx for the advice. if i wanna burn different movies over and over then isnt rw better for me no?

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

If you plan to burn many times the same disc, maybe the better option is to use RAM media, but not all burners are able to burn these discs. The main “concerns” about RAM media are that these can be written more slowly than rewritable and not all drives are able to read them, but are much more reliable because can be written much more times than RW media.

before i tended to watch a movie that i burned to cd-rw then erase it and just keep burning different movies. but with “r” isnt it just a one shot deal? after i fill up a disk i cant erase it after that right?

Correct, the “R” media are not rewritable.

If you don’t want to use these discs to store important data, then a RW media is good for you

before u said that 90 min cd-rw’s were in stores but ive never seen any. all ive seen are the 80 min 700 mb ones. is there even such thing as a 800mb blank cd-rw?

What is this file REALLY?

I suspect it is an VCD or SVCD file… and will fit on a 700mb disc then.

Sorry for mistake, but I wasn’t referring to 90 min CD-RW. For what I know there are no 90 min rewritable CDs.

If you need to use only rewritable media, maybe buying a DVD burner is the best solution for you.