CD-RW Hardware wont identify CD

[B]I have a HP Pavilion 753N, and my CD-RW is not identifying CD’s when they are placed in the tray. The Device Mgr shows proper icon and description, and I have tried to update the driver. It comes back saying that I have the most current driver.
Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks very much![/B]

Is that the original drive on the HP? When was the last time you did laser lens cleaning?? What you need isn’t drive but FW from hp for your burner so check their site again for you model and drive and make sure you download if need the lastest firmware and update the drive. Sometimes I found it that when you take the drive out and clean the laser lens with a lens cleaner and cloth and gently wiping the laser lens sometimes brings back the drive to working order and sometimes not if the later that means it is time to replace it with a newer dvdrw DL drive.

Hey Cool!

Thanks for the advice!

I am by no means a techie like you. Is removing the CD-RW extremely hard, or just removing the side panel of the box, and unscrewing the drive to clean it be most all I need to know?..Once I get it out of the box, what should I know to open the drive to clean it. Too bad the drive wont accept my CD cleaner to do this QUICKLY…Nothing is ever easy right?

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