CD-RW GSA-4167B Problem



I recently bought a new LG GSA-4167B to accompany my CD-RW. After installing it an starting the first it went fine. I put the bundled cd in which installed the firmware update software. It found new firmware for both of my drives. The problem begins when the process jammed and my computer crashed. After this I restarted the computer but I wouldn’t go forward from the startup screen. I unplugged my cd-rw and it worked fine. So obviously I have some kind of problem with the GCE-8526B CD-RW now after the firmware “update”…

How can I undo the damage ?


Are you saying the bundled CD tried to automatically installed updated firmware for both drives? That sounds pretty weird.


I think he is talking about LG’s auto update program. It must have been bundled with the install CD.


hello, how r u? am having a little strange problem with my LG GSA-4167B dvd writer, actualy, it’s reading everythin perfect till moment, I have copied dvd movies, most of them r on princo -R dvds, but 3 days ago I got a dvd which is princo -R as well, but my dvd writer wasnt able to read it at all, it works normaly on my dvd player, and on teac combo, but still didnt know why it’s not working on my dvd writer, I installed its driver and still the same… so anyone could just give me a hint for that?
thanks in advance.

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Do other brands of DVD read on your 4167B? Can it read pressed discs?

I’d guess that the LG just doesn’t like the Princo disc - Princo aren’t known to be quality, and LGs are pretty fussy about that…


it’s reading everything till moment, all my dvds r working fine, and pressed disks r the dual layer disks? if so they r working fine…
and about princo dvds, I tried all princo’s dvd movies, they r working fine, but only one dvd cannot be read… the dvd is very clean, and had no problems on dvd player…
and thanks for replying my 1st post :)…

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It sounds like the drive is fine as far as reading DVDs goes :slight_smile:

I’d say the drive is just being fussy, and doesn’t like that particular disc - I had some Ritek G05s that my LG refused to read.


hehehe… so I guess a driver wont do anything better… even that I’ve read that the driver will make the drive with better performance… lol…

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You mean firmware? It could help with burning, but I’m not too sure about reading or media recognition.

By all means update the firmware if you wish - the latest firmware is DL13.



thanks m8 for help :slight_smile:

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Never heard of any LG firmware that helped with reading. On the other hand, who’s to know if LG reports everything a new version of firmware does? No harm flashing to DL13 though. In fact it is probably recommended that you update to DL13, because it fixes a problem with burning audio CDs.

Still, princo is very crappy media. I’m suspecting that one disc is of substandard quality and the drive is being picky about that.

Basically, a long-winded version of what Arachne said already. I’m rambling on. I really should get to bed.