CD-RW Formatting?



How do you do it ? Which program or util?
Any help appreciated.


Before I always used Easy CD Creator 3.5, but now I use Nero 4.x for the job! It’s just an extra option in the topbar of the program! (I think that E CD Cr. 4.0 is also good for erasing!)
If you still fail in formatting your CD-RW than reply for full details of erasing!
Good Luck!


I formatted a couple of CD-RW’s with DirectCD
2.5 from Adaptec, and I could copy files directly from Windows 98 Explorer to the disk, just like another floppy/hard drive. I then uninstalled DirectCD. When I installed Nero 4.0, I can no longer access the CD-RW disk to copy files outside of the Nero program. The CD-RW’s are formatted
UDF Mode2. Where in the Nero program is there
a simple “format UDF disk” option? The only thing I find is a “New Compilation UDF” option which you have to copy files in order for anything to “burn”.
Can you access your CD-RW’s and copy EXTERNALLY from Nero? I reinstalled DirectCD
and renamed my Windows/System/Iosubsys/Scsihlp.vxd to Scsihlp.bak and I can now read/write to the CR-RW. I guess DirectCD must be installed on the system to Read/write externally from Nero? Thanks!

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