CD-RW Erasing/Writing Issues NEC 2500


I have a new (week old) NEC 2500 drive. Black OEM, not that that should make any difference.

The one major problem it has is with CD-RW. Today I needed to burn onto a CD-RW disk, so I inserted a disk (Yamaha) and erased it using Nero ( No problem. Burned my files to it, no problems reported.

However, when I then tried to read the discs… nothing. Windows Explorer locks up until the disk is ejected. Tried inserting it into a Sony CD-RW with the same results.

Tried another CD-RW, again a Yamaha branded one, and again the probelm occurred.

Also tried both Herrie’s beta 5 software and the stock 1.07.

Any suggetions?

Many thanks,


PS There is NO packet writing software installed.

Windows XP IMAPI burning service running?
If so disable it.

Are the CD-RW discs readable in other drives?

The IMAPI service is set to MANUAL (so I don’t think it would have been running).

The disks were readable before I erased them using the NEC. But as soon as they were erased neither the NEC nor the SONY would read them. Windows Explorer would freeze until the disks were ejected.




Without my “Direct CD” n UDF Reader installed n running I can’t Read my CDRWs or DVD-RWs…so why R Some of U Experts saying to Uninstall them…How is the PC to Read the CDRWs if there be No Software installed!!! Constructive Answers Please!??

You need Direct CD because you used that program to format the cdrws and then to drag n’ drop files into them. What you ignore is that a CDRW can be burned using nero or any other software just like any simple cd. That way the CDRW is fully readable without any software in any operating system.

Unlike that normal and simple way to burn CDRWs, using packet writing programs to record the CDRWs implies that in every computer where those are supposed to be used there is a UDF software to do the reading. Bottom line, it’s nice to just drag ’ drop files but in the end they are just not as straightfoward to use anywhere. It’s a nice feature to newbies but to power users and pragmatic people the normal way is the way to go.

To others there’s Windows XP drag n’ drop recording and the other udf softwares :wink:

To Nelly, I think you got a faulty Drive, try to confirm with other CDs and DVDs of any titles and see weather the problem persist.
If its the same than its time to RMA

Hi Mustang…Thanks for the Constructive Answer…BUT…If I wanted my CDRWs to act like CDRs I would buy CDRs cause that would be Cheeper n they would Read Faster…I n Many others Don’t Want Our CDRWs to be used as CDRs…I want to Drag n Drop, n Delete, n Drag n Drop as Needed…To be Used as Temporary File Storage until either not needed or until time comes for me to Transfer to CDR or DVD-R…
That is what they were/are made for…Much better n Easier than MULTISESSION that Don’t Always Work n Confuses Newbies to Heck!!..Best way to Erase or Re-Format a CDRW is through either Direct CD or In CD…Took my a Long time to find that un out…I had same probs as U one time…Still Got some old 4x CDRWs that got Files on em…If I do not Start Up Direct CD, They just Spin n Spin n my Drive wont Recognise them…Can’t Eject them either…Once I start up Direct CD, They work 100%…
Go Figure!!

the packet software including DLA, directcd, neroincd (possibly the worst), windows imapi will sometimes lock the drive or cause other issues such as bad burns, lockups ect. if you experience problems remove the packet software and see what happends. if it is better at that point you have your answer. for myself i have no packet software loaded on the computer that i do dvdburns with and on my entertainment pc. on the computer i use to get my pics off my mavica cd camera i use directcd but i do experience a higher number of cd burning issues so that might be your experience also.

may want to check in the software forum for more info.

good luck!