CD-RW Erase to Write?

Hello All

I put a bunch of my wife’s photos on a cd, took them to Walgreen’s and printed out hard copies for her to send to her parents. Turns out one group of photos was omitted, so this morning I put the same cd in my computer, highlighted the missing pictures, and clicked ‘copy to cd’. Well, they copied over fine, but they also ERASED the other pictures that were already there. Fortunately, they are all backed up on my hard disc so nothing has been lost, but is this the way it is supposed to work? I can’t keep adding new material to a CDRW, even if there’s room? I have to erase everything and start over? Thx.

CD-RW works the same way as CD-R. Only problem is, if you copy your first set and close CD, than you cannot put more on any more, sometime this is called (make music CD). You have to copy as data and make sure the CD stay open.
In any case CD should not be erased, but the way you asked ‘copy to cd’, unless you have second drive with new CD in it, than it is possible that the software try to copy to same drive and do erase because there is not enough room or CD is closed.

Thanx. Clearly the software/pc thought of the cd as ‘closed’ and so writing to it again was an all or nothing deal. Good to know.