CD-RW / DVD-ROM not recognized

CD-RW / DVD-ROM is not recognized, I’ve tryed EVERYTHING!

It all happened like a week ago when I restarted the pc and the drives weren’t recognized.

1st. I uninstalled the drives from device manager and restarted. Nothing happened back to the yellow ‘!’.

  1. I tryed using the driver replacer but that did not work either.

  2. I tryed following the instructions here, however the files it told me to un-install were not there. On the bottom of that page it says that some programs may have wiped those files and replaced them with some of their own. The problem is I had not installed anything in the time between the drives working and them not, nor have I had a virus (that I know of). So is the any way to find out what program removed “UpperFilters” and “LowerFilters”? I’m pulling my hair out right now. Please help.

have you resently installed a piece of sofware called “Insektors”?

Nope :confused:

Did you check your Aspi drivers?

I think you need the Adaptec Aspi.

Adaptec Aspi drivers:


Nero Aspi drivers: