CD-RW drives are failing CDs!

It all started when my computer was hit by lightning a while back, destroying pretty much everything that it had. Anyway, my old Pacific Digital CD-RW 12x10x32 was one of them. Finally, about six months later, I got a new I/O Magic 48x16x48 CD-RW drive. However, when I went to burn some CD’s, about half of them ended up with an error. Sometimes the computer would lock up and other times it would seem to write a CD but when I went to read it, it would still be blank (and no, I didn’t select the simulation or test mode - I set it to write mode). Thinking the drive was bad, I returned it for a Philips CD-RW 40x12x48 which had a 4MB buffer opposed to the 2MB one in the other drive. The first few disks seemed to write fine, but then the errors returned once more. I then decided to install Nero, since I heard that it was better than Adaptec (which I had already patched to work with WinXP). When I went to write a CD in nero, the lock-up errors and blank disks disappeared, but when it tried to verify the data, at least 1 or more of the files would be either bad or inaccessable. Other times it would stop when it tried to speed up to the next level (drives speed up in incriments as they write CDs at high speeds). I was shocked to think that I had gotten a second bad drive in a row so I returned it again for a third one, which was another philips (the same kind) since I had lost the reciept. Nothing was different. Again I had the same errors that I had before. I then tried writing a CD at 8x, thinking the speed would have something to do with the unreliable writing, but no difference. In fact, the speed that the CDs were written at had nothing to do with the amount of errors that I received. (If I wrote it at 32x, one file would fail most of the time, and If I wrote at 8x, one file would also fail most of the time). I then tried one of those external USB CD-Writers since my dad had one laying around. Strangely, the first CD was written perfect, but then a successive writing failed the test. I don’t know what to do here, I’ve installed SP1 for WinXP, flashed my BIOS, flashed my firmware, upgraded my motherboard drivers to the latest, enabled/disabled UDMA mode, tried a different cable, tried two of the best CD-Writing software programs, disabled all of my running background applications while writing, disabled the IMAPI CD-Burning service of Windows XP, defragmented my hard drive, and tried all possible locations for my CD-RW drive (Secondary master and Secondary Slave - for some reason Primary Slave wouldn’t work - it gave me a DISK BOOT FAILURE message - which it shouldn’t since my HD is on Primary Master and is selected as the boot drive in the BIOS). What else could be the problem? I’ve ran out of options and I’m really frustrated! Can somebody please help me with this?

System Specs…

AMD Athlon 750 MHz
Windows XP Professional
ATI All-In-Wonder RAGE 128 Pro 32MB
EPoX EP-7KXA motherboard with VIA KX133A chipset
Integrated VIA Audio AC97 (with Aux-in and CD-in)
IBM 80GXP 7200RPM hard drive
Phillips CD-RW 40x12x48 (model PHILIPS 4012P)

Are you still using parts of the computer that was hit by lightning?

Are you using the original motherboard?

Have you considered that these parts may have been damaged and result in the problems you are now experiencing?

Did you learn how to form readable paragraphs in school? :bigsmile:

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Did you learn how to form readable paragraphs in school? :bigsmile:

Guess so. But you know what, he perhaps just forgot to mention about that the puter wasn’t the only place
where the lightning hit to. :bigsmile:

Just kidding, man :wink:

Yes, I did learn how to form readable paragraphs in school. :bigsmile:

Anyway, I replaced the motherboard (but not the processor - as it seems to be working fine). The only three old parts that my computer still has is the floppy drive, the network card, and the processor. But I don’t think the processor or any of the other things would be causing this since everything seems to be going okay (except for those annoying lockups that sometimes occur mainly in Internet Explorer). But other than that, everything seems to be fine.

Hmm, it sounds like the lightning bolt downloaded a poltergeist into your computer. :bigsmile:

Since you’ve already replaced practically everything else, just for the heck of it I would try removing the floppy drive and the network card just to prove they are not involved. I normally wouldn’t suggest this, but a lightning bolt could easily rearrange some circuitry with very unusual results and effects. The Disk Boot Failure message on the primary slave connection is particularly weird.

I hope that somewhere along the way, you have bought some high quality media for your tests. It would be a shame if all of these burning problems were due to bad media. :cool:

Be sure to enable DMA for the burner.

I did what you said and I believe that I have identified the problem. First, I removed both the network card and the floppy drive (to see if either one would have an effect at the same time) and I wrote three perfect CDs in a row! (Now that hasn’t happened for quite some time). I then reconnected the floppy drive and once again, the next CD that I wrote failed. I then disconnected the floppy drive and put in the network card. This time, the CD-Writing process was a success once again! So I believe the problem is connected to the floppy drive. I noticed something else as well. When I started up the computer without the floppy drive, I didn’t hear any “popping” noise from my speakers as I usually did. When I put the floppy back in, the noise returned. Also, I had trouble getting the computer to come on after I had taken out the floppy and put it back in. I hope that this was the problem because I’ve had the same problem for about four months. After I thought about it and looked over the connections in my computer, I noticed that the floppy was on the same power cable as the CD writer, which probably kept it from working properly since it seems to be a defective floppy drive. Thanks for your help, I didn’t really think a floppy drive could cause all of that trouble!

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Yes, I did learn how to form readable paragraphs in school. :bigsmile:

Are you really sure about that ? :bigsmile:

Anyway, it’s nice to hear you’ve figured out the cause of your trouble :wink:

Yes, I’m really sure about that. :bigsmile:

Sure, anyone can see it with the naked eye :bigsmile:

Good for you, josht172 :wink:

Remember this fix the next time lightning strikes your computer. :bigsmile: