CD-RW Drive Recommendation




I know CD-RW’s are clearly a thing of the past, but they’re all I’ve ever owned and to be honest, I really don’t see myself having that much of a need to burn DVD’s. As a result, even though I could get a DVD writer for ~$30 more, I’m leaning towards getting a really good CD-RW drive. I see plenty of threads asking which DVD writer you guys recommend but hardly any on CD-RW drives (for obvious reasons). I would like to know which drive(s) is generally recommended to those in the market for a CD-RW drive? I want something that does high quality burns and obviously reads and writes at least 48X. I’ll mostly be using this for burning audio CD’s and occassionally DAE. Copying games and overriding copy protection is of little importance to me. I’ve owned a Plextor drive before and was very happy with it, so the Plextor Premium caught my eye. The cheapest I could find it was about $70 including shipping, which for that price, could buy me a DVD writing drive of course. Anyway, price does matter, and I don’t want to pay anything over that, but would be willing to buy the Plextor if it is really worth the extra money. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks a lot.



I have a Plex premium and it is unrivaled in it’s Audio ripping annd burning capabilities. it gives excellent Audio and data CD burns and is one of the better built Burners which means it should last for a good while. I have a several DVD burners but all my CD burning chores are done with the Plex.


Agreed about the Plextors, although CD-burning quality in many DVD burners these days is so good that you might be better off to buy a decent DVD burner (e.g. BenQ DW1620a) for the same price. You’ll have slightly slower CD burning (this DVD burner is a 40-24-40 CD burner; a modern CD burner will probably be 52-32-52) but you shouldn’t burn at 52x for optimum quality anyway.

Interestingly, the write strategies of DVD burners are such that CD burning can be faster than you expect. My CyberDrive DX082D (32-24-40 on CDs) is only a few seconds slower at 32x than my LG GCE-4341B (48-24-48) is at 48x.


I think that at the moment, the Plextor Premium is the best CD-RW drive currently in existance.

Sadly, it’s also the most expensive; You could get a DVD burner for the price it goes for, but you do get what you pay for… :wink:


Plexor Premium is the go!
The writing quality is perfect, it reads all audio cds with impressive quality and it’s really good built.

When you use it in combination with clonecd, there hardly isn’t an audio cd you can’t copy. (at least I don’t know any). Also, Safedisk won’t be a problem anymore. And with Blindwrite, you even can copy the latest securom protections.

I also have a nec 2510 which has a good writing quality too, but it can’t reach the Plex.
I mostly burn audio cds on Platinum CD-Rs and I get very good results: My last burn had 0.7 C1 errors per second! That’s great! :bow: :bow:
Besides, I like the Plextools software… :iagree:

But I’m a Plextor-Freak… :wink: