CD-RW Drive not recognised

Hiya, just trying to configure NL and have no idea how to configure the prog to be aware of my burner… Its there. its got the permissions… i just dunno man. I jsut dunno. Maybe i did something wrong…

any help’d be appreciated.

Well, post a “ls -la /dev/hdX” where hdX is the cd-rw device!

brw------- 1 merlin disk 57, 0 Mar 22 08:55 /dev/hdk

I’ve got the same problem.

~ David

Can you post the output of

ls -lR /proc/ide

? your hdk seems to be weird !

I also cannot get nero to detect my DVD burner as a device. I only have the image recorder in my list of devices.

nvm…didn’t see a window had the blank disk mounted before I loaded nero…sry