CD-RW drive keeps ejecting cd tray!

I tried to open my drive (Lite-On LTR-32123S f/w: XS0Z), to insert a cd, and it would not respond! - Every time I pressed the button, I could hear a short noise from the tray’s motor as though it was trying to open, but it failed to open!
I then tried to manually eject the drive, using a paper clip (i know it’s not the best tool to use, but I’ve done it before), and I could feel the motor constantly trying to open and close as though the tray was just stuck!
I finally managed to open it, but now, every time I close it, it ejects it again!!!

Might be time for THIS

You should not use the emergency eject with the drive powered!

Try pushing the tray back wil unpowered, and then repeating the emergency eject - I reckon something may have slipped out of gear, and it may pick up again with the right movements - mind you, it had a non-eject problem before.

If the gears are damaged, then it’s definitely time to retire it.

:confused: :confused: :confused:
my drive has suddenly started working again! :confused:

have not used it the last couple of days (though other members of my family have) and it now appears to be working fine!
don’t know if it sorted itself, or whether someone else in my family has done something, but who cares?! saves me having to worry about replacing the drive just yet! :smiley: