CD-RW drive is not erasing!



I have tried erasing a CD-RW with my burner once and it worked. I used the Memorex CD-RW 700mb, 4xmax. Then one day I tried to erase these discs with Nero. I first start it and it starts counting down from 25 minutes. Then my drive starts to slow down and ejects the cd, and an error pops out saying that the cd is not cd-rw at all. I tried various programs, updated the firmware to k.uc, and even reformated. I dont know what the hell is wrong. My burner is from i/o magic, 52X24. I have tried from reformating, trying in safemode, and even in explorer.Dont work!


Have you tried a diff cd-rw? Maybe this one is junk even though it has not been used too much.
Have you tried CloneCD?