CD-RW Drive for Scratched Disk Reading

Do some CD players do a better job of reading discs with lots of surface scratches? If so, which of the following might I have the best luck with:

Liteon LTR-48246S
Toshiba SD-M1402
HP 9100


try the Liteon and the Toshiba and use slow reading speed if possible.


Yes, whatever you use, be sure to use software to limit read speeds to a minimum. With some drives that’s 4x, with some it’s 1x.

Also, try using a tool called ISOBUSTER (latest version) to read those problematic discs. I have recovered some otherwise unreadable discs (some parts) using this program.

Thanks guys. My problem is that I am using EAC to rip audio CDs and some are badly scratched, then EAC gets stuck on that track. Usually, I have to skip the track then come back to it and rip it in “burst” mode. So far this has worked okay, but I am guessing I can better my chances at not having to go through these extra steps with the right drive. I also have a Philips CDRW 1200 (Model PCRW1208).