CD-RW drive contract prices drop to US$50 amid oversupply

I just posted the article CD-RW drive contract prices drop to US$50 amid oversupply.

Mr. Belvedere used our newssubmit to tell us that currently CD-RW drives may become cheaper as the run on 40x drives seems to have started.

This run has dropped the prices of 24x and 32x drives,…

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Even more lower. Soon they will be giving them away when you buy a music cd, haha. My first writer cost me 450 euro, the second 300. now you can find the best for under 100 euro. What is the world coming to.

Yeah… Imagine this: You buy a music CD, you get a CD burner with it for free, then you come home, only to discover that the CD is copy-protected, and it toasts your burner… :wink: