CD-RW Drive Configuration

I’m building a PC and am not clear on EIDE drive configuration. I have a Sony CD-RW (CRX215A1), a Sony CD-R (CDU-5221), and a Seagate 80G (Ultra ATA) HDD. Assuming the 80G HDD is primary master, should the CD-RW be configured as secondary master and the CD-R as secondary slave? Or should the CD-R be configured as primary slave? Somehow, the second option doesn’t sound right; I’m under the impression that the CD units’ ATA speed is slower than the HDD’s.

Majority of the HDs are running UDMA 5 (ATA100), except for the Maxtor line, which are running UDMA 6 (ATA100). Your CD drives run at UDMA 2 (ATA33).

Your first configuration is good enough, though w/ current mobos, having your CD writer as Master or Slave on secondary won’t really impact its speed. As long as your boot HD is on primary master, it’s all good.

Thanks. By the way, anything problematic or goofy about the Sony units that I should know before configuring?