CD-RW drive burning issues

I own a Dell Vostro 200 - the CD-RW drive worked great until after my warranty expired - now, when burning music cd’s (I use iTunes) the 1st 6 or so songs sound fine but they progressively go from a little crackly to barely recognizable by the 15th or 16th song - this has happened consistently about 5-6 times now - tired of wasting cd’s! Are there some troubleshooting steps I can take to fix the drive (easy ones as I’m not completely tech saavy) or should I look into having new hardware installed?

~Cornfused~ :confused:

Is itunes really needed?

I ask because its known to be buggy.

yes, it’s the only way to load my iPod…you think it’s the iTunes?

Try with quality media and update itunes.

My iTunes is up to date - can you please elaborate on the “quality media”?

Verbatim & TY media is top notch.