CD-RW doesn't see disk after ImageDrive

After using an older verision of Nero ImageDrive and enabling one drive using the control panel tool to read a “.iso” file, my CD drive no longer reads anything I put into it. Nero tech support isn’t helping

I have uninstalled Nero and uninstalled and reinstalled the CD drivers, but it still fails to detect a CD when it is in the drive. I would reinstall Windows, but the drive fails to work even outside of Windows (ie, I can’t boot from a cd.)

The rest of Nero worked fine before this. I’m kind of new to the whole image reading thing, and this isn’t helping.

I’m a Peace Corps volunteer in Bulgaria using a 4 year-old Dell Inspiron laptop, so I don’t have much access to personal tech support. The problem drive is the internal CD-RW that came with the laptop. I have no other external hardware.

I’m willing to believe that this could be a hardware issue, but it just seems too coincidental. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.