Cd-rw disk structure is corrupted & unreadable

This is the third and possibly last time I’m going to deal with this one. :frowning: I own a sony crx140e and use roxio cd creator 5. when i get down to about 200 megs free is when this happens and the weird thing is if i put the cd in a win 98 mach it sees it all. I bought this so I can back up files and have a record of things but all I end up with is headaches. I operate XP Professional. Any help is greatly appreciated. Mike

Hi ironhorse…First off, we need to know how you burnt these files n folders…
Next, before you Write to a CDRW make sure that U have Direct CD installed (seeing as u be useing EZCD), also install the UDF Reader in your machine and your Friends machine, n any machine u gona use those disks in…Also Install ASPI Layer 4.60…USE TAO (Track at Once) for CDRWs…Drag n Drop is easy once you done it a few times…Misstakes will be made, but U learn by them…DISSABLE XPs Burning Program, it is a cut down retard of EZCD n will CLASH with any Writeing Progy u use…If ya don’t know how to do that, do a Google search…Hope this is Helpfull!?

My first recommendation is to get Nero.
My second thought is a conflict with the CD Rom, because if another computer sees it, then it’s there (stating the obvious) which leads me to believe we have a problem with the Rom you’re using to read the newly burnt CD.

:cool: Thanks for the heads-up on this issue however can I assume that these(udf reader etc. are already installed??) It worked fine for over a year then out of the blue, DOA. :bow: I dissabled the native program but that did nothing. this ASPI Layer 4.60… what is it and where do I get it??? Still confused as ever…Mike

Hey mate and welcome to the forums.

this ASPI Layer 4.60… what is it and where do I get it??? Still confused as ever…

This is Advanced Scsi Programming Interface. It is a software layer for sending commands to SCSI/ATAPI host adapters.

Most burning apps don’t need it as they have their own, but some do. You can download a program called ForceASPI from here to get it.

Good Luck!