CD-RW/CD-R Compression Utilities

What are some decent CD-RW and/or CD-R compression utilities?

I’ve done searches on Yahoo, CNET and a couple others, but can’t find any, the only results are for progams like Winzip, Winrar, etc.

I’d like to be able to fit more then 648 mb of data on a CD-RW.


This is not possible…

When you have formatted a CDRW it looses a lot of capacity, only 530 MB left I believe. You can however burn a CDRW as a regular CD and then it should be capable of storing 650 MB.

I don’t know if there are High Capacity CD-RWs (as there are 80, 90 and 99 min CDRs), but that could be a solution.

If you have 648 MB of normal data, you might use WinZip or WinRar to compress the data so it becomes less and might fit on a formatted CD-RW, but I don’t believe there are compression tools such as you describe above.

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