Cd-rw burning problems

I’ve been having a problem with my cdrw burner for sometime,When i go to burn a cd everything goes as planned,and says “burned successfully completed” afterwords,but when i got to play the cd theres nothing on it,and when i go to put it back in my computer it asks if i would like to burn a cd,and i check the drive its in but nothing is on it as well,im using tdk discs,and haven’t tried another media yet,but i just bought 2 100 packs of these disks and dont really feel like buying more,also before it would burn onto the tdk discs,but the songs would have scratching in the back as if something in the audio got fucked up.I have a Qsi cdrw/dvd sbw-241,and have been able to burn cd’s fine before i started using these tdk’s,but i dont get why they would burn before and not now.My two guesses are either the drive is fucked,or these tdk’s are defunct.anyway any help would be appreciated.