Cd-rw burning problem!

I have a ricoh cd-r/rw writer.

i have bought 2 melody professional cd-rw (4-12X)(700mb) and a maxell MQ cd-rw 700mb(high speed)(4-10X).

when i burn data on them in nero;everything works fine.
but when burning is complete and when i try to run the burned cd-rws,there’s nothing in the cd-rws. :frowning: any idea please?? i have formatted all the 3 cd-rws with every type of options(quick-maximum speed,full erase etc…). still doesn’t work :frowning: and one melody got corrupted.

i have a maxell cd-rw 650mb which i bought 2 years back and this one still works. how come???

and had 3 sony cd-rws;they worked but when i formatted them;the erase progress bar keeps on loopig(that the bar moves back and forward repeatly)They eventually got corrupted i had to restart my pc after one hour of never-ending erasing :(:(:(.

what’s wrong??? is it my drive??? help needed

edit: i have used win xp built-in roxio burning plugin to write a file on the new maxell cd-rw and it worked:
so i tried to burn a vcd on the rw using nero but now the burned cd is unreadable,the drive keeps on reading the cd-rw.

Is it a high speed drive?

Welcome to the all too common problem - “This CD-RW media does not agree with this drive” - the current state of the art is TRULY MISERABLE.
If you’re lucky, you will find one type of CD-RW that works well with your drive, the first burn is good, and erase/burn is just as good - lay in as much stock of that media as you think you will EVER need - I’m not kidding, it really is that bad.

Otherwise, give up on CD-RW media altogether, you can’t trust it!

oh yeah was thinking whether it is because of high speed cd-rw that my drive can’t burn them properly.

nowadays,slow speed cd-rws are quite rare isn’t it???
thanks for the reply.

out of about 8-9 cd-rws;only one works;that really sucks :(:(:frowning:

Depends, what are the specifications of the drive…

You CANNOT use HS (4-10x / 4-12x) media, in a drive which only goes up to 4x for CD-RW. The maximum 4x of 1-4x CD-RW, is a completely different setup to the MINIMUM 4x of high speed CD-RW.

If you need low speed, they’re not that difficult to find YET - though even then, some drives have only one acceptable media, while others take a decent spread of media.

I’m assuming you’re in the US… 10 pack of cased 4x 80min - $11.50 100 unbranded 4x 74 min - $29.00 - a bit rough if your drive doesn’t like them, but unless you need 80 min, I’d expect 74’s to be more compatible. - $37.00 for 100 unbranded 80’s

If they were in smaller packs, it would be better - not even sure that I’d want 100 CD-RW, even if I knew they were perfect for the drive, having collected 1-2 samples of many that dont work in mine.

On a fussy drive (Hival H2242A/JVC XR-W2080), my only successes were MaxMax (CDRID shows them as Postech) and Traxdata 2x (Plasmon) - a similar Philips 1-4x (Same ATIP code, different length) was unusable with that drive, as were most others.

The rather disrepaired site you’ll find if you search for that drive, is mine!
One day, I’ll put it to bed with a final update, though the drive is long since retired.

i am not in us :(. the working maxell cd-rw i am using and which workng great has speed 4-10X ;how come this one work??? i burn at 10x!!!

If you can burn CD-RW at 10x, then it’s a high speed drive.

Some media is good, other media is total junk - I’ve had better luck with Traxdata - my old drive liked their 2x, and my new drive gets a result, but not pretty, with their 10x - it can’t even see Memorex 10x at all.

Bizarre though, a pack of 2x Princo that the old drive rejected, works better than anything else on this HS drive (it DOES support low speed as well, some HS drives don’t)

If you can buy individual samples of CD-RW, then you really need to test a burn, erase, burn to be sure your drive can write them more than once - I’ve had media that died on the second write.

My opinion on CD-RW, is FORGET IT - with most CD-R media, you’d expect to make a tolerable burn, if you drop two steps down from the drive or media’s maximum speed - I’m not saying that all media in all drives would make a great burn that waym, but you’d expect it to be usable.

My battle with CD-RW so far, I’d expect to have problems - I’ve tried iffy 4-10x media at all available speeds, it makes little difference.