Cd-RW burning problem

Hello, and thank you to anyone that tries to help. When I try to make an audio CD using roxio, the process looks fine, it seems all the data gets burnt to the cd and the back of the cd shows that the data was burnt. But when i go to play the cd on any cd player all i get is some weird noise. Each track runs for the duration it is supposed to but with no music. When i check the cd in My Computer all the tracks are there, but they are all only 1kb each. I’ve tried both mp3 and wav but neither works, and i’ve tried a couple different programs but with no success, If anyone could help me this problem i would be greatly appreciative.

Welcome to CDF.

The 1kb files you see are exactly what you should see.

Many CD players will not be able to play CD-RW media so that could be the problem, alternatively try Burrrn ( .