CD-RW Bootable

OK, I’m creating a bootable cd to install windows 98, and I want to use a cd-rw for testing purposes before actually doing the final burn onto a cd-r. I need to know how I can burn onto a cd-rw, including fat table and all, so that it will be a working bootable cd, but can still be erased…I know there is a way, I just dont exactly know the right options to check, and I’d rather not waste a cd-rw…thanks

You can uso Nero Burning Rom. It can create a bootable disc.

I can use Easy CD Creator too, but I dont know how to make a cd-rw so that it can be reformatted after use…if it is as simple as just a regular burn, thats awesome, but I’ve tried before and made a cd-r out of a cd-rw.

Well, It’s just as easy as burning a regular cd-r. :slight_smile: . In my case I created a regular boot floppy disk, then created the contents of the Cd-Rom using Nero Burning Rom (option CD-ROM BOOT selected in the profiles), insterted the bootable floppy disk, pointed “Bootable Logical Drive” to it and burned it using DAO.

BTW, I’m still using this Bootable CD-RW, no problems so far (except with old readers that can’t read CD-RW) and It can be erased easily (Nero, Easy Cd and CloneCD tested)

Thanks a lot, dmp, thats good to know