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Hello all,

I have some questions concerning CD-RWs.

I have a computer with a CD-R drive a new computer with a CD-RW drive (Lite-On 52-24-52 ‘LTR - 52246S’) and a couple CD-RWs (FujiFilm CD-RW 74min 650mb 4x multispeed). May I start writting to this CD-RW on a CD-R dirve? If so, where can I go from there, will I be able to RW on my Lite-On at that point or will that first write limit the disk to write once? I have Nero, though I can use other burning software if recommended, I recently got Alcohol though have never used it.

What about formatting the disk so you copy to it as you would a HDD or floppy, (using Roxio DirectCD or Nero if it has a similar utility/whatever is recommended) what would I be able to do with it then? Is there any way to get a CD-RW disk, with data on it, back to a condition that it may be written on with a CD-R burner?

Naturally many of the above questions may be non-applicable. Also, I will later have other RW disks, this is just what I have right now and only three with a lot of data on my older comp I need to remove, so I would rather not coast any. Basically I need an efficient way of taking large amounts of data off one comp to place on another comp w/o internet/network (I am trying to get a router soon).

I do not currently have the kind of time I would like to research this, I wouldn’t be surprised if much of this has already been discussed, if so, kindly pointing me to a previous thread would be appreciated. Any resources, links, experiences, summaries, or relating nfo would be appreciated. Thx. :bigsmile:



Hi BlueHornet, and welcome to the forums.
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hello Bluehornet ,

copy all the data you need to the cd-rw media and use write-once/multisession . either way , you can keep formatting the disc and use it again and again . 4x is too slow . i suggest you get 16x medias. If you have Nero, i am sure you have installed IN CD which will guide you how to make a cd-rw acts like a floppy disk . make sure you enable Mt-Rainer ( it shd be supported by ur drive ) . after formatting done by IN CD, you will find that free space is only below 580mb . i don`t know the reason for this.



@rdgrimes: Yeah I should have figured this may be more of a newbie forum type question, thx.

@arun_34: Thx for the reply good info.

I am still wondering about my options with working with a CDRW in a CDR ROM though, if anyone can help as well as a couple other unanswered questions. Thx.



CD-R and CD-RW drives are two different creatures. You the former only does CDR media, while the latter does both CDR and CDRW media.

Nero is your best bet for move loads of data on a CDRW disc. Yes, ahead (maker of Nero) has an application called InCD that does the samething as DirectCD, but I personally don’t recommend both. Since a CDRW disc is rewritable (of course), I’d just create a multi-session in Nero and put whatever file on there each time. And when the disc is full, do a full erase.

Alcohol is used mainly to dub copyrighted CDs. It’s a not a file backup app.