CD-RW and DVD-ROM not accessible

My computer does not see anymore my CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drive.
They are visible in the Device Manager with yellow !.

Yesterday I have installed 2 programs, Ulead Movie Factory and Direct DVD. These programs might be the cause, but I’m not sure.

I tried to uninstall these programs, but this made no difference.

I know things like these can happen when you uninstall Easy CD Creator, and if the solution is the same. You have to modify your registry to solve this problem. It is pretty tricky to modify your registry without knowing what you’re doing.

Could anyone help me on this matter?

My PC:

Windows XP
1,25 GB memory
40 GB HDD + 2x 160GB HDD
CD-RW: Philips CDRW3210S

Why dont you simply use the restore feature to roll back the machine to a date prior to those installations?

The easiest first step would be to remove the IDE controller and the drives in Device Manager. Then reboot and let the system re-detect them.
If you have recently uninstalled a Roxio product, then you may need to clean up the system a bit, report back on this first step.