CD-Rs won't play in Alpine Car Stereo

I tried a bunch of my old CD-Rs in my Alpine car stereo and only Verbatim DataLifePlus plays, although sometimes it takes a while to find the track.

Sony, TDK and a cheap brand that I tried didn’t play. I burned using Windows Media Player 10 at 1x speed using my DVD±RW on my computer.

Seems like DataLifePlus is now discontinued. Are there better ones nowadays (I keep hearing about Taiyo Yuden)? Does the Alpine like the Verbatim DataLifePlus because it has a darker dye?

Please help!

Maybe. There is still Fornet and Gigastorage using Super Azo (as I heard, I have used neither of them recently), and Taiyo Yuden uses cyanine. Both are long strategy dyes and darker. :slight_smile:

Verbatim Digital Vinyl media works for me. I liked the old 16X better than the new 52X but now it’s really hard to find the old CDs.

Which model Alpine do you have in your car and how old is it? I have one that came out this year and unless the discs are really screwed up or really crappy quality, they all play fine. Even shoddy Prodisc CD-Rs. As for the dye color that is all a myth. It has to do with the quality of the disc/dye itself more than the color. As for Taiyo Yuden, yes mine reads them great but Taiyo Yuden CD-R are actually a light blue color.


  1. If your player is old it could be that the laser is getting weak. If that is your problem then your player will get picky with the discs you can play. Example: My old panasonic Portable CD player used to play any brand of CD-R but in the last 3 month it refuses to play anything else than TY discs (it refuses Verbatim and TDK made CD-Rs as well as Maxell and others…). It wont recognize any other maker even if the disc is just burned…
  2. If you are using a DVD±RW burning at 1x is not recommended. I would recommend a burn speed of about 16x. In the past when 12x or slower drives/CD-R medias where mainstream burning at low speeds as 1x-8x was mostly better than when burning at the max speed. But todays drives and Media are tuned for burning at high speeds like 48x or 52x so it can happen when burning at too low speeds like 1x-8x that the quality will be not so good as when you burn with 16x or higher.

I have the CDA-7845.

So are you saying that TY is better than Verbatim? How can I find out which discs are TY?

Should I try burning on my CD-RW instead of my DVD-RW?


TY is considered being the best media you can get. There are also Verbatim branded TY discs (Verbatim Pastell, Made in Japan). Verbatim Datalife Plus is also very good media. Other Verbatim branded CD-R are only average.

How can I find out which discs are TY?
There is a sticky thread about TY discs. Normally they are sold in a spindle with a typical shape (but beware, there are Platinum branded discs in a cheap copy of these spindles), also there shoud be written “Made in Japan” on the package.

Should I try burning on my CD-RW instead of my DVD-RW?
It depends on the drives you have. There are DVDRWs, that are excellent CD burners and there are crappy CDRW drives.

Grayson73> Normally TY is the best. Look out for the Made in Japan since all media made in Japan will be TY.
About Players being picky: A friend of mine got a player which only plays Verbatim made discs (AZO) and refuses to play any other maker…
So I think you have to try around a little with which media fits your player best.

The Alpine CD player I put in my wifes car 3 years ago will play every disc I’ve used. Not picky at all.

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