CD-R's...why buy TY's over other brands?

Being totally honest right now…is it worth going out of my way to find Taiyo-Yuden’s somewhere here in canada or south of the border. Or pay 40-50 bucks here for 50 spindle of Fuji’s instead of just buying a 100 pack of 80min/40X/Gigastorage cd’s for $49.97 or a 50 pack of Memorex or Ultraspeed.

Why buy TY’s…I mean…if it’s because my information will last 50years on that cd…well, anything I have on cd will most likely be transferred to DVD in about 4-5 years as that technology gets cheaper.

Mostly I’m storing music, photographic and DIVX files so is it worth paying more in the long run.

I would like to hear your opinions on this subject.


On crap media, your data can be lost within a few months

I don’t really know if you need TY, but you should get something of decent quality (RiTEK, Prodisc, etc) because if you get crap discs, as alexnoe said, your data can be corrupted within a year easily.

There are various quality grade products fro Ritek, Prodisc, CMC, Princo, and other Taiwanese CD-R media manufacturers. They produce practically all CD-R discs but for a handful of South Korean and Japanese manufacturers like Samsung, SKC (SK), Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim (Mitsubishi), etc.

These days, Taiyo Yuden discs are not that expensive in most major markets. If your data is important, I’d recommend only Taiyo Yuden or other manufacturers of similar average quality. I don’t know the exact market share of TY in worldwide CD-R media market. The three big Taiwan companies together produce about five hundred million CD-R media each month.

I personally prefer princo. They were some of the first discs that I burned, they work every time with zero errors, aren’t that expensive, work in every reader i’ve tried (even the sony DVD players that had so much trouble with burns) and the first ones that I burned are still error free. Plus, if you get princo, they always make their own stuff, and you get consistant quality.

its not just the long life that taiyo yuden is good for but also the error free burns. whats the use of buying cheap media that burns with errors and also degrades quickly? in my opinion quality is more important than price.:wink:

Indeed, quality are better, especially when price are just a little bit more… and sometime the same now.

To reply to the first post… some MEMOREX are made by Taiyo Yuden… check for the one Made in Japan… you just have to go to your local futureshop here in Canada and you migth find some made in japan… the one in taiwan might be ok for memorex, but personally I would aim the Made iN japan one as they are TY and they are the same price!

Really it comes down to what’s more important to you; price or reliability.

Unfortunately here in Canada we won’t find TY cheap, the cheapest I’ve seen is around $0.90 apiece after taxes (fuji). That’s for 24-32x media as well, the 40 and higher is a premium price. When you factor in the levy, that’s only $0.69 per cd.

There’s some memorex available at future shop, the last batch I bought were Ritek-JS, and they burned great at 48x, no errors.

If you’re going to stock up, do it soon, and for your sake avoid the “PINE” and “Mitsumi” brand spindles that sell for cheap. These things are crap, I don’t know what I’m going to do with the remainder of my PINE discs, they dont even burn error free at 4x.

You should seek the Memorex TY :wink: But I must admit that they are not always available at futureshop… but they go at 69cents with taxes, I think it is a GOOD price… I found some TY at 34 cents + taxes each, but unbranded and I wondered if they were real, but who know, they are probably the silver laquer one I have saw on the net… but the box said they came from TAIWAN, maybe a repackager… who know…

And it surprise me that your cheap cdr won’t burn if you have a good working drive, but media compatibility is an issue sometime. However, as to what to do with them and your coaster go there:

Subject: [7-9] What can I do with CD-R discs that failed during writing?

One of the most popular one is ->

Make a boomerang (

If you ever try it succesfully, please tell me :wink:

…good damn it!!I´ve been trying to throw away one of my coasters for 4 hours now,and it still keeps coming back!!

:bow: HAHA :bigsmile: HAHA :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, the advantage to TY media is that it is totally dependable. Every CDR in every spindle will perform the same, and will be reliable over time. I have yet to find any CMC media that i can say that about.
It doesn’t matter what type you use as long as you test it and are aware of it’s limitations.

TY medias do vary in quality
although its from spindle to spindle, as they don’t mix their discs too much.
To get dependable good quality Riteks you will pay as much as the TYs cost.
so there…

If you’re about to buy the Gigastorage ones, buy the Maxmax spindles in a little PC store instead. They’re from the exact same manufacturer (Gigastorage), and they cost half. My last spindle cost me 28$ can for 100 cd-rs.

I had very good results with Gigastorage, their latest 40x media is very good, no errors yet.

Hey MickoZ, can you point out to me which Memorex CD-Rs from FS are TY’s? Is it these? Thanks!

They are not identifiable by looks, you’ll have to manually check each spindle for the MADE IN JAPAN, instead of the usual MADE IN TAIWAN.

Well for Taiyo Yuden package sometime you can identify them…

One you can check like he said… the MADE IN JAPAN…

But by the look… see the link you gave, show a pics of a made in taiwan package…

the TAIYO YUDEN one… have a BLACK SPIN-OFF NUT ON TOP (a big thing in plastic in circle that is used to lock the spindle… you will see it is black)

if you buy online, they will ship u anything… for futureshop, I guess…

but if you go to the store… and if you have chance… you will notice TWO different package for memorex… and some are Made in japan… and some made in taiwan (look near the barcode to know where they are made) and you will notice that the made in japan one have a particular package… you will notice that some old hp had the SAME PACKAGE with the SPIN-OFF NUT and that a lot of FUJI (made by taiyo) also have the same SPIN-OFF NUT and package…

Hope that help you :wink:

Thanks, I’ll have to pay a visit to FS and look for the mad in Japan ones. So if they’re Japanese made, they’re guaranteed to by TY’s? :slight_smile:

Well I did not try those memorex one… but I know they are 99.9% sure from TY… not only because of the MADE IN JAPAN, but because of their package… you will notice the BLACK SPIN-OFF NUT on top… which is the package Taiyo Tuden use… when you will see one if you do :stuck_out_tongue: well you will know of what I talk about! It is like a hockey puck =P since it is black on the memorex package, but for Fuji and HP one… they seem to be white… I haven’t see the black one on other than memorex…

I’ve seen the Fuji ones before w/the white top, but not the memorex (never paid any attn to this brand). Thanks for the help.