CD-R's that play on non CD-R dvd player

Hey I have a Kenwood DVF-R9030 5 Disc DVD-Audio Player that doesn’t play burnt CD’s or DVD’s. I have found that Ritek DVD’s play with generally no trouble and was wondering if anybody knows of any types or brands of CD’s that could work too?

^Tried Ritek CDs?

yeah have some Arita branded cd’s which are Ritek. Have also tried Verbatim, Princo, Kodak etc… I think maybe the cd’s which are silver/silver may work but was wondering if anyone could confirm this.

I ahd a problem with my car stereo. Officially it will not play CD-R and in practice this was the case.
However, with a bit of trial & error (a lot of error) I found a combionation that worked. I burn with a CD writer (an old Liteon) & use Verbatim Pastel CD-R. These are Taiyo Yuden dye & work brilliantly for me. I have a 100% success rate with this combination at whatever speed I burn at.

I’ve given this advice to others with car stereo problems & it’s worked fine for them.

Maybe it’ll work for you too. I see you have a Liteon CD writer so just try & find the CDs - Verbatim code is 43417.

Yep, give TY a shot, if they won’t work then nothing will.

My mum’s car CD player refuses to play more CD-R, works fine with Taiyo Yuden printable though.

thanks for the replies. I might try the suggested media out when I get the chance only problem is that most of the time you have to buy in bulk.

I have run into car decks that won’t play any burnt CDs except for black ones. I have no idea why that works, but it seems to. Also worth a try.

I would try Mitsubishi/Verbatim with AZO dye or TY. My car deck only plays Mitsubishi/Verbatim AZO dye CD-Rs (TY just wont work)