CD-R's in Perth, Australia "MITSUI GOLD"


You can find Mitsui Gold GD-74 media anywhere in Australia from Jaycar Electronics. They sell them @ $8.70 per ten pack with full sized cases. I did an ATIP scan on them and they’re made by Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals using Phthalocyanine (Type 6) dye. To find out more, go to

Also, JB Hifi sell Maxell 16x 74min discs made by Acer for $7.50 per ten pack in slimline cases. They also sell Verbatim DataLifePlus 1x-24x for $10.50 per ten pack with full sized cases.

For all you Perth residents, wait for the next Burswood Dome Computer Show, where you might find Taiyo Yuden/That’s CD-R 80min ten packs and spindles priced to go. Last time I went I got ten packs of That’s CD-R80 for $9 and 50 packs for $30…