CD-Rs in Africa: which one is the best?




I’m going to be freelancing in Africa for 1 year, taking photographs and posting them back on CD every week to a magazine (email connections are too slow to send high quality images by internet). I’m trying to decide which CD-Rs I should buy (in bulk) before I leave: Taiyo Yuden 52x (from Rima), or MAM-A Gold Archival.

I will also be mailing a CD home to store my photographs (to archive them), so I would like something stable (it seems that Taiyo Yuden dyes aren’t as stable to heat/rough environmental conditions).

Also, since I will be taking one primary CD burner into the field, it would be nice if my CDs didn’t give my burner a hard time (I am told MAM’s gold on gold CDs can be quite difficult on the burner due to gold’s reflectivity). Also, from reading posts, it seems that Mitsui’s CDs don’t match up to their reputation anymore. Are they more stable than Taiyo Yuden?

Speed of burning isn’t an issue. I want reliable storage, and something that resists humidity and temperature, so they will withstand travel as well as mailing from remote places in Africa.

I have been reading posts all day, and can’t figure out which of MAM-A and TY would be best for me!




Oh I should mention, I will probably be using a Delkin Burnaway drive to burn my CDs. Unless someone has a better suggestion. Again, I need ruggedness, and I will need to burn CDs directly from Compact Flash cards.



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Burning from CF cards sounds like fun!