CD-R's i burn crackle?

hi… i have a problem…

i have been using nero express to burn myself some music to cd-r’s to play in my car’s cd player…

however i have a problem with burning… it completes fine - but when i play it back in any cd-player some tracks will take a while to start or wont start at all… and after about track 8 all the songs have a distortion or a crackling sort of noise…

if anyone can help - it’d b appreciated…


What media did you use?
What speed did you burn the discs at?

THese two factors are important for certain players, who are very picky…

Try different media and try burning at a lower speed…

by media how do u mean???

and the burn speed was 52x (7,800 KB/s)

the recorder/burner im using is Samsung CDRW/DVD SM-352B

The brand/make of the blank CD that you used. The media ID would also be useful (Nero InfoTool will tell you that). Burning at high speed may be the cause of your problems. Try burning another disc at a lower speed to see if the problem persists.

Ok - its a Sony CD-R and this is from nero-infotool :

Layers: 2
Supported Speeds: 18x - 174x - 62x - 80x - 65x - 65x
Blank Capacity: 79:59:74
Manafacturer I.D: Sony(97m24s15f)

thats all info that was shown

LOL, so much for Infotools reliability.

Try to burn at 40x.

will give it a try - let u know how it works…

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any ‘real’ help - related to the subject would be helpful… thx

Sony CD-R are OK but the best are Verbatim Pastels & Super AZO. Using Burrrn ( to burn these at , say, 16-24x might give you more reliable results.

Usually chef recommends 16x burning and updating Nero.Perhaps he’s having an off-day. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Thugaveli I used to use a program called [B] FireBurner 2.21[/B] to burn music CD’s and worked well. I never used Nero to burn music CD’s so I can’t help with Nero but just a guess maybe you need a plug-in for Nero to work burning music CD’s.

Actually, some might see you as such given your remark. :iagree:

Anyway, you can take a couple of days break from the forum and perhaps when you’re allowed to post again you might show a little more courtesy to other forum members. :cop:

hmm… so do i burn at 40x like chef said or 16x like you said chef would have usually said??? and also updating nero - how do i go about this… im a total n00b :wink:

(off topic) Good job Phil!
There is a free program out there called ECA (Exact Audio Copy) that is working great for everyone but me. I think I might have got a bad download. Downloaded it again today but haven’t installed it yet. I’ll give it another go today and let you know how things turn out! It looks like it is quite technical though.

I would say burn at 16x, as usually the slower you burn, the better the quality is. However you dont need to burn at too low a speed, eg 1x-10x as the quality is usually fine burnt between 12x - 24x anything higher usually has problems being played, like crackling

ok - ill give 16x a go see how that works out… hopefully sorts the crackle noise out… thanks

Came into this thread late - I too burn audio @ 16x and have had no problems on CD players, DVD standalones etc - no matter what media I use (Sony, Ritek-made, Prodisc-made…).

Good luck with the 16x burns :wink:

Do you burn on the fly?

tried 16x works fine… all tracks are clear as when put onto the cd - no crackle noises…

thanks people 4 the help

one last question…

shall i use 16x with any media disc’s i have… or does it change for each make of disc???


Like my poor beast would allow me to do that :bigsmile:…nope, no OTF for me!

I tend to use 32x for data, 16x for audio - but you’ll get different opinions on this one, everyone has a preferred speed.