CD-Rs: Fujifilm and Sony Colours manufacturers?



Alrighty guys,

In my quest to find some decent cdrs for music, which really isn’t going particularly well, I have stumbled across a few cakeboxes that look semi-decent, and wanted to know the manufactuere.

FujiFilm 50ct Cakebox

The website owner answered my query about where they are made and said that they are Made in Taiwan, and that the picture was the exact cakebox.

Are these discs Prodisc? Average quality? Because at NZ$14.60 they are a very good price…

A second FujiFilm 50ct Cakebox

The cakebox looks definitely TY - but I havn’t had word on whether these are MIT or MIJ. I guess the same applies to the above.

Sony 48x Colours 50ct Cakebox (also 10ct Slimlines)

Made in Taiwan - are these Lead Data-made? Or someone else?

I know the 32x colours are MIJ TY as a general rule - what are the 40x, 48x and 52x?

And why do we never get the made in japan variants here in New Zealand? :frowning:

Does anyone have any other recommendations out of:
Imation (MIT CMC (crap), MIC (CMC?))
Verbatim (MIT ?)
Mitsubishi Kagaku (MIT Prodisc)
DSE (MIT Prodisc)
Office Brand (MI? Plasmon)
EMTEC (MI? Plasmon)
Sony (MIT Colours, MIHK Techno-look, MIT Techno-blue)

or know of any other decent CD-Rs in New Zealand?