CD-Rs destruct burning music

Lately SOME of my burning sessions have been ending up with a destroyed CD-R.
I use WindosXP Home. My drive is Plextor Plexwriter 4012TA(internal). I use EAC program for extracting and burning. Till recently I had no problems burning +/- 150 music CD copies.
Lately SOME sessions would end-up with a destroyed CD-R. The information window before burning would display normal data and an empty disk. While burning, the computer and the drive would flash as usual and the EAC progress window would show normal progression. At the end the disk would be ejected with a window confirming “successful writing”. But there would be no music recorded on the disk and the information window would say “No disk inserted” in a word the disk would be DESTROYED. At first some sessions would record normally now practically none do (but see below)
I thought at first that the disks were responsablle. So I switched from HHB (made by Mitsui) to Maxell Pro (made by Tayio Yuden). More of the same.
The strange thing is that I still can burn with no problem using CD-RW Maxell (made by Plasmon) and Verbatim RW (made by Mitsubishi Chem).
still using the same WinddowsXP, EAC program and Plextor drive. Also extraxting from audio disks is faultless.
Plextor support directed me to their update. It made no difference. Uninstalling and installing EAC made no difference. Windows tell me that Nero is incompatible and in fact I was not successful trying it.
Any help gratefully acknowledged.
Ludovic Mirabel