CD roms not working windows XP pro

Hey just wondering if any of you can help me with my little problem. I have to cd roms, CyberDrv cw058d cd-r/rw and, Matshita cd rom cr-585. The first problem is is CyverDrv works fine until you put in a burt cd then it thinks that the Cd is blank. If you try and burn the the “blank” it sais the disc if full, just going in circles on that one. The matshita just wont read and its brand new, i even exchanged it. I jst formatted reinstalled and such and i never had this problem before. I ran tools to check for missing install files and they are all there, and considering i backed up all my files to a burnt cd im in a jam. I have tried updating all my drivers and windows updates. I was told that this is a common XP problem and that has a solution but after looking for a remedy on there site I found nothing, and for those of you that have tried to use there tech support no that is it insanly complex, my theory is that they make it so hard to get tech support that people just give up, ergo bill gated doesnt have to pay techies to help making him richer so here i am. Any help is much appreciated .


You got no help at all.
See if this can help. May not be the same problen. Check it out.

redback5, I think I love you.


But anyway, that was probably the quickest solution to a problem I have ever had. I did a google search for “cd-rom not working” and came up with this page. My DVD writer stopped working and eventually made all CD drives (including virtual ones) stop working and show up with a yellow ! in device manager. The problem started when I inserted a blank DVD in the drive with one of those little white foam things from the spindle on it still. It got trapped in the back and I just got done taking the drive apart to get it. So thanks for that very easy guide to fixing the problem.

Worked for me too! Thanks!

works perfectly. thanks