Cd rom

Would like to know what is the best cd rom to get that has ditigal audio out and works with colone cd. I saw this one any opinoin.

PIONEER 16x dvd-rom (40x cd-rom) Price: $79.00
Playable DVD discs (disc format) DVD-ROM,DVD-Video,DVD-R,DVD-RW (not DVD-RAM)
Playable CD discs (disc format) CD-R, CD-RW, CD-DA, CD-ROM XA, Video CD, CD-EXTRA
Data Interface ATAPI (Ultra DMA33)
Audio Interface Analog output & Digital output(SPDIF)
Sustained transfer speed (DVD-ROM) 6.6x - 16x (8.7MB/s - 14.9MB/s)
Sustained transfer speed (CD-ROM) 17.2x - 40x (2.6MB/s - 6.0MB/s)
Average access time (DVD-ROM) 95ms
Average access time (CD-ROM) 80ms
Average seek time (DVD-ROM) 85ms
Average seek time (CD-ROM) 70ms
Data buffer 512KB
ps do roms come faster than Ultra DMA33?