Cd-rom triggers system reboot

As the title says… my cd-rom/dvd-rom triggers a system reboot when I put in a cd. That may seem like a simple problem but here’s a few things that threw me off. Firstly, the system doesn’t immediatly reboot everysingle time like this, sometimes the computer will remain on for any amount of time not exceeding around 1 minute before the system reboots. This all occurs in windows. Secondly this occurs with any disk, blank, music, data etc etc… Thirdly, the same thing happens when booting directly from a linux live cd…(in the case of the linux live cd the system does not reboot but the screen goes black and the computer remains on - the blue light still illuminated - I have to manually power down and manually reboot) the cd beings mounting drives and loading into the linux interface before it just crashes.
So far I’ve reformatted windows and double checked the IRQ settings but to no avail. Like I said it occurs even though the system is completely BRAND NEW. Fourthly, you may be wondering how I reformatted if it wont play a disk longer than 1 minute… Well I used an external cd-rom which uses external power (outlet) and plugs in via USB to reformat. While using the external drive works, its simply not practical. Additionally a external cd-rom which connects via USB has the same problem as the internal drive so I’m thinking it is NOT the internal cd-rom that is faulty but maybe the mobo/CMOS settings?? If anybody can help… i’d love you forever.

Some software/driver cracks up your system.
Check the Devicemanager and Event-Viewer for useful entries.
Also check the drive connections, jumpers and replace the IDE cable if you can.

well the trouble with that is it’s a laptop… I can try to open her up see whats going on but I’ve never messed with a laptop like that before lol… as far as the event viewer… I checked the event viewr in admin toolz and didn’t find anything really. also, as far as software there is no software installed on the computer… just windows. And the drivers are the default drivers… dont even know where I’d get different drivers.

anybody have any ideas?

on what the laptop is on ? might be overheating every laptop have a fan somewhere under the keyboard and should not be blocked,my brothers laptop happend a similar thing but it didnt reboot it turned off and was caused by overheating ,i suggest youll take 16 cd/dvd jewel boxes and put em under the laptop 4 down on the right and 4 down on the left and 4 up on the right and 4 up on the left thats what i did and now the fan aint blocked and its all good , and if that wont help then its likely the motherboard/power supply

I dont think its over heating it does it right when its turned on if there’s a disk in the drive.

Remove any packet writing software (InCD, DirectCD). If that doesn’t do it, start removing all “multi-media” programs one by one. Include image handling programs, music players, etc.

Disabling “Auto Insert Notification” will probably stop it, but doesn’t fix the software problrm.

Retrograde installation.

Solution: Format/Reinstall.

in addition to rdgrimes suggestion, try also stopping service for IMAPI

I also fear a complete re-install might serve best, especially after many random reboots

heh yeh I already did all that and nothing worked… I reformatted windows and even used partition magic to delete all data on the disk. Then I tried using a linux live cd with literally NOTHING on my harddrive. Still nothing so I’m thinking its the hardware and I need to get it replaced or something.

If it’s brand new, why all the fuss? Reformat a brand new laptop??? I would be on the RMA road before anything so drastic!