Cd-rom to floppy

Another stupid question here, got a customer that has a notebook with Win98 (don’t know which version), withouth a cd-rom drive, only floppy drive. He wants to buy a HP printer but the software is on cd form, any way available on how to transfer the files from the cd to the floppy? Or is it a dead case? Any suggestions or ideas welcomed and appreciated, thanks!:wink:

Errr how about getting a CD-ROM? Everyone needs it these days…its not that expensive.
If the files not big, he can ask a friend to do it and give him the floppy to install on his comp.
He can go to the HP website and look for the software, or search for it.

Phreak, if the customer wanted a CDROM he would buy one.

Sisko, He has a couple of options.

  1. download the drivers off the internet (if the laptop has a modem or can access the internet in some way)

  2. Copy the files from the CD ROM to floppy disks (im assuming you want the drivers only, these should not me more than a few mb) hopefully under 10mb.

  3. the easiest solution is if the laptop has a network card, conect it up to another pc, download the files from the CD. most likely there is a folder on the CD labeled “drivers”

90% chance you will only need this folder.

good luck.

or make a multiple rar archive from the cd rom (can take up a lot of floppy’s)

Connect the stupid notebook to a normal phoneline.

If the notebook does not have a modem built in , throw it away along with the printer.

Then dial up your favourite ISP and go to

If the customer does not have an ISP , throw away the customer as well and keep the notebook for yourself.

Now download the driver and save it to the harddisk in the notebook.

If the notebook does not have a harddisk , throw away the notebook along with the customer.

Get a null-modem cable (rs-232 or centronics) and get Norton Commander for MS-DOS somewhere.

Connect a pc WITH a cdrom to the crappy notebook

Copy the entire cdrom to the harddisk of the notebook

Use the IrDa of the notebook to connect to another IrDa notebook which has a cdrom

Disassemble the notebook , grab it’s harddisk and connect it (via a nice hardware interface) to your IDE channels of your superdeluxe pc WITH a cdrom. Now copy the contents of the cd

Ask HP for floppy distribution

Notebook… where do you want to go today ? :slight_smile:

or direct cable connect over the parallel port