CD Rom to DVD?



When backing up a pc game that comes on say 3 disks, is it possible to put them on 1 dvd or not? because i hate swapping disks when installing games


What you could do is make images of each disk, burn them on to DVD. While in setup mount each image as needed. Some games can be merged but it very difficult and only works on very few games (i.e Doom 3).



That is right. It depends on which games you want to back up.


What do cue files do then? i thought they are for adding to the dvd ie cd 1 + cue file cd1. Am i barking up the wrong tree?


CUE files are used to burn the image files using a diff program like Nero or CloneCD. Also programs can mount images using CUE files.



Make a new thread for that.


If the install program is an msi, it seems you can.
For an example go to
and look up doom 3, then checkout cd->dvd conversion.
And then look on their forum, somewhere they talk about
how to use some programs to modify the installer to do
what you want.